New Trailer Has Me Genuinely Looking Forward to the Evil Dead Remake

Okay, we’ve established the reasons to be wary:

1. Bruce Campbell’s performance was lightning in a bottle, and cannot/should not be replaced.

2. The poster (above) makes a really arrogant claim.

3. Remakes suck, like when the prequel-remake of The Thing replaced all the original cool creatures with CG, or when Prom Night went PG-13.

Here’s the new trailer. When you’re done watching, we’ll talk.

Back? Okay, here’s why I am excited about seeing it:

1. Bruce Campbell didn’t actually become our wise-cracking hero “The Chin” until after part 2 took the series in a new, comedic direction. Before that, in the first film, a major appeal factor was that anyone could die at any time (a.k.a. the Joe Bob Briggs rule). The only reason it plays as funny now is because some of the effects haven’t aged so well, like Claymation.

2. Arrogant claims? The original called itself the ultimate experience in terror in its own end credits and marketing campaign. Admittedly, by getting on a blacklist of “video nasties” in England, it ultimately backed that claim up…at the time. Nobody calls it the scariest movie any more.

3. There is no CG in this movie. None. At least as far as gore effects go. And clearly there is gore aplenty.

4. I’m tired of every zombie having to follow “Romero rules.” Can’t we be more creative than that? The zombies in the Resident Evil games don’t follow them…yet in the movies they do. The speeders of The Walking Dead may move a little faster, but it’s still all about the headshots. If dead tissue is reanimated, why make the head arbitrarily vulnerable just because Night of the Living Dead said so decades ago? Don’t fear change – people once thought fast zombies were a terrible idea, and we’ve grown to accept them in some cases.

Of course, then you get into the debate as to whether Deadites are actually zombies, since demon possession may or may not count. That’s a whole separate debate, but by all means have it in comments.

The Evil Dead website wants you to record your reaction to the trailer. I’m certain some of you can bring some, ahem, “creative” ones to the fore.

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