IMG_0055_croppedSergio A. Guerra is a Senior Environmental Engineer specialized in Air Quality working at GHD.  He holds a Ph.D.  in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas. His dissertation topic relates to the development of a data handling technique to deal with autocorrelation in continuous data. This study was  based on the evaluation of: (1) an off-road diesel compactor running on three fuel types and (2) two compactors running on diesel fuel.  Sergio’s research showed that the three fuel types evaluated had no significant effect on NOx and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the evaluation of two Trashmaster 3-90E compactors showed that NOx and CO2 emissions were significantly different between them.

Sergio has over eight years of experience in environmental engineering research while working in numerous research projects at the University of Kansas. Many of these projects have resulted in several publications and presentations to the scientific community.   Most of his research and experience has focused on air dispersion modeling, air quality, vehicle emissions and remote sensing. Sergio also has a strong technical background in field sampling of ambient air and in-use vehicle emissions.  His experience is ample in performing research, and writing technical reports and scientific publications.

Sergio’s regulatory experience complements his strong academic and technical background. He has over four years of experience in dealing with NSR/PSD, NSPS, and NESHAP/MACT regulations while working in the Air Permitting group of the State of Kansas. During this time Sergio has written over 200 response letters, construction permits, construction approvals, and Class I (Title V) permits for different point sources in the state of Kansas. Additionally, Sergio is proficient in air dispersion modeling, specifically related to the following software: AERMOD, AERSCREEN, SCREEN3, SLAB and HYSPLIT. Sergio is also competent on other regulatory software including: TANKS, GLYCalc and LandGEM.

Sergio grew up in Mexico City so he speaks fluent Spanish and knows basic Portuguese.  This web site was started to share some of his research in the area of air quality.  By the free exchange of ideas we can collaborate in learning and understanding the phenomena of the world that will help us bring forth the solutions we need for every problem.

Sergio considers himself a strong team player skillful in organization, leadership and problem solving. He enjoys having a sense of purpose in everything he does and likes to think that in spite of the great challenges of the world we can overcome and be successful in preserving our environment for generations to come.

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